My first year of being a blogger

My first year of being a blogger

“Blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself and putting what you have into it.” ~Anonymous

How often do we make wish lists and write down our dreams. And yet, how often they remain just that on paper. But when we do see some of our deepest desires come to fruition, the thrill is incomparable. That’s how I felt when I created this blog last year – one amongst many of my wishes.

The idea of this blog was shelved for more than two years as I contemplated whether or not to share my experiences from life. Was I ready to open up and speak my heart out? Clearly, I wasn’t then. So what made the difference? Inspiration from other women who blatantly came out with stories of their lives. In conferences that I attended, in articles that I read and many in person, these women boldly spoke about their real-life experiences. Some of them were horror stories of abuse and betrayal; few highlighted their resolve to bring about substantial changes while some were just plain facts of survival. Then there were celebrities who were breaking covert and revealing how they dealt with depression. All these voices were being heard and making an impact. Their stories were creating ripples amongst many like me. That was enough to push me out of my state of reluctance and into action mode, giving me the courage to start this blog. 

It’s been exactly a year since I created SoulMom and posted my very first blog post here. Ever since, it has been an interesting one year of blogging. The things I have learnt, the connections I have made and the effect this has had on me has made it all very special.

Highlights of my first year as a blogger:

A new-found identity

Becoming a blogger is a new label that you earn, both in the online as well as offline world. It feels wonderful when people come up to tell you that they enjoy reading your blog and that you write very powerful content. Being recognised and appreciated makes me want to write more.

Being an inspiration

The day I launched my blog on social platforms, a single mom reached out to me with her story. The fact that I could influence even one soul made this whole creation so much worth the effort. I do hope to touch upon more lives over time.

My own internal dialogue

When I acknowledge my fears, I find more ways to overcome them. As I reveal  my own insecurities, it’s easier to accept my situation rather than conflict it. Every time I write a new post that unleashes my emotions and when I put it out there in the online space, my own internal dialogue enhances.

New connections

In April earlier this year, I participated in my first A to Z Blogging Challenge. This is an online worldwide event where bloggers from across the globe share 26 blog posts in a month based on a theme, each post beginning with a letter of the alphabet for each day. It was such an exciting place to be in. Through this challenge and through my social media channels, I discovered so many other bloggers who were blogging on various themes. It is enriching to make new connections based on one common interest.

Transforming into an author

Within a few months, I fast tracked from a blogger to an author with my first eBook – ‘Small Servings of Wellness’. Becoming a published author was a new high. With the help of blogging platform Blogchatter and its eBook carnival, we ebook authors also had the privilege of becoming official Goodreads authors. This felt very fulfilling.

I have discovered that blogging is a self-learning process. One which requires time, effort and patience. My biggest lesson in my first year of blogging is that it truly helps if we are passionate about what we write.

I am grateful to all my readers for being with me on this journey as a blogger. I sincerely hope you stay on and keep enjoying my content!


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17 thoughts on “My first year of being a blogger

  1. Many congratulations dear on your journey. I can so much relate to your post as I too start sharing my experiences in my own venture. It requires a lot of courage to start and then continue everyday .. So wish you all the very best and hope that we will stay connected ..

    Neha (sharing our experiences)

  2. a huge congrats Vaishali. Though I started blogging in 2007, dunno why, but I gave it up in 2011 only (which I totally regret. I wish I had continued it. Would have been elsewhere today). Anyway, but I am here again today and all charged up for the journey ahead. It really fills me with immense inspiration and determination when I land on a good blog, and this one is surely one of them. Thanks for this post. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Rashi. I’m glad you liked this blog. Don’t look back at the time lost. Now that you have resumed, keep blogging. Good Luck! 🙂

  3. Congratulations. You have really achieved a lot in a year. I think basically you have nailed blogging with the right blog design and the right niche. And of course, your content is engaging.

    1. I’m so glad to have connected with you along my blogging way. Your wishes mean a lot, thank you so much Ishieta. Cheers!

  4. Hello Vaishali;
    I really enjoyed reading about your first year as a blogger because I, too, am actively focusing on my blog I started it 3 years ago, with entries every 3 months or so, but now I am really ready to write on a regular basis. Amazingly, I am afraid to commit to myself on this level and your blog has given me courage to do so.

    I am a business writer and career coach by profession and spend many hours each day helping others find their voices. It was inspiring to me how you wrote about your own experiences, the A to Z Blogging Challenge, overcoming your fears of telling your story and the publication of your e-book. Great victories! Thanks for sharing your step-by-step process and continuing to put your message out to the Universe:)

    1. Hello Victoria.
      Thank you for reaching out. How lovely to hear from you and to know that you help others find their voices. That must be such a fulfilling experience, it would be interesting to know more. I’m grateful for your kind words and so glad that this blog has inspired you towards more blogging. Good Luck and keep going. Look forward to staying connected.

  5. Congratulations Vaishali. I so relate to your blogging journey. It felt as though you were writing on my behalf.
    Many more happy tidings and a very gratifying road ahead for you. Love

    1. I guess we bloggers can relate to each other along the camaraderie. Thanks so much Natasha for being a part of my journey and for your wishes. 🙂

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