#BookReview 3: A to Z of Healing by Ishieta Chopra #BlogchatterEbooks

#BookReview 3: A to Z of Healing by Ishieta Chopra #BlogchatterEbooks

This April 2017, I took up my first challenge as a blogger – The A to Z challenge of blogging. Writing 26 posts in a month based on a theme, each post beginning from a letter of the alphabet and a new post to be posted everyday except Sundays. It was indeed an exciting challenge during which I discovered several diverse blogs and connected with many bloggers. At the end of it, I became an author with my first ebook: ‘Small Servings of Wellness’

As a part of the #BlogchatterEBookCarnival, we authors of ebooks have to review at least three books from the carnival. ‘A to Z of Healing’ by Ishieta Chopra is the third book I am reviewing.

Why I chose this ebook for review:

Over the last many years, I have developed a strong affinity towards the spiritual aspects of life, which include various modalities of energy sciences and healing. One of the many blogs that had caught my attention during the A to Z Challenge was ‘isheeriashealingcircles’ by Ishieta Chopra for the sheer similarities of interest. I was instantly attracted to review this ebook of Ishieta’s so that I could read in detail the interesting content all over again. There were also some common practises that we both regularly indulge in, like meditation, writing the swastika symbol at the start of each new book and burning incense at home to name a few!

My views on the ebook:

‘A to Z of healing’ is essentially a compilation of nuggets from the author’s experience of many years as a healer. It encompasses various elements that one would associate with alternative healing, energy sciences, spirituality, promoting positivity and well being. Her knowledge of so many aspects of the ethereal sciences is commendable. This book introduces the readers very subtly to the A to Z of healing subjects, prompting them to explore more.

Though I was blissfully aware of several subjects from this ebook, some of the facts were quite a revelation for me:

  • That we need a Guru to awaken the Kundalini within us.
  • The prayer flags represent sending out prayers to the universe, and when they start tearing off is when our prayers are being answered.
  • I have studied the science of chakras through pranic healing and reiki. Yet I was not aware that each of our chakras is associated with planets and seed mantras.
  • So also essential oils are associated with zodiac and astrology.
  • Hynotherapy was used in childbirth in ancient times to calm the mother in labour.

Very few healers I know cover so many diverse aspects of healing modalities. I congratulate Ishieta on all her healing endeavours and wish her success ahead.

Key takeaways for me:

This book has inspired me further to grow in my spiritual pursuits. Tarot card deck is something I have been meaning to learn, so that is something I will act upon soon. I practice different styles of meditation regularly, so using water images with all our senses for meditation is something to look forward to. I am an advocate of alternative medicines. Having heard of Bach Flower therapy from a friend who practises it, maybe I should explore that a bit more.

Rating: 4/5. What could have been better in this ebook is consistency in text formatting for flawless reading,

About the author:

Ishieta Chopra was introduced to the world of Healing, Numerology, and Magick by the oldest school of education and learning –her mother! She has been practicing alternative methods of healing for over a decade and a half. She is the Co-Author of the eBook: “Numerology – The Power of Numbers” (available on Amazon.in.) A practicing Numerologist, Tarot Reader & Reiki Healer & Master, she has set up Isheeria’s Healing Circles to help people Learn, Heal & (Re) Design their lives through the Esoteric Arts and Healing Methods.

You can reach Ishieta on:

Twitter: @Isheeria1

Facebook: IsheeriasHealingCircles

Instagram: 1.isheeria

You can contact her at: team@isheeriashealingcircles.com for personalised readings and predictions.



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