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Then and Now

Then and Now


It happened to be India’s Independence Day celebrations and the nation was rejoicing the sense of freedom. But ironically that day, someone was feeling trapped in a marriage and wishing for his own independence.

Between then and now, as I reminisce the years gone by, I wonder how I survived it all. Days and nights of agonising pain, as I witnessed my world fall apart. The brutal realisation that most of my dreams will never be realised. The impending status of a divorcee and worse – the scary thought of raising my small children in a broken family.

But survive I did. And ever since, my journey has been one where I am continuously striving to thrive….

Back then, I wanted to create a platform of women in a similar situation that I was in and build a community for sharing and caring. But I was vulnerable and my state of mind was too fragile to take the initiative. I was not willing to open up. Now I am in a relatively stronger space of mind and more determined to reach out. We learn a lot from people who have been there, done that. And when you know you are not alone facing a challenging situation, it is very reassuring. Thus has evolved this deep urge to reach out and connect.

Between then and now, it has been one hell of a roller coaster of emotions…

Hurting & Healing

Fear & Faith

Insecurities & Inspirations….

Empathy & Empowerment….

….and the journey continues….

Introduction to this blog

Introduction to this blog

Temple bell-6

Welcome to this space!

Separation. Divorce. Single Parent. These can be scary words and even scarier situations to be in. Life-altering events that break hearts and shatter dreams. Makes you wonder if this truly is your destiny. You question your faith and ask ‘why me’? Hold your breath – you are not alone.

This blog encompasses varied experiences during my journey through divorce, single parenting and my tryst with spirituality. It is a bold attempt to surface from my shell, to speak out and to share. It shares the learning and growing that has emerged from my  influences and inspirations. It is a sincere effort to inspire and instil hope in times of distress.

This blog is a humble approach to reach out and connect with women and men alike across the world, each on their own unique journey. For we empathise with people who have had similar life experiences and together heal in the process. It is comforting to know that you are not alone in your situation and others like you have been there.

SoulMom is an acknowledgement and appreciation that we are all in this together in the bigger scheme of the universe. This blog endeavours to be a recognition and celebration of the incessant human spirit!


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