The number of numbers in the blogging world

The number of numbers in the blogging world

In April 2017, I took part in my first #AtoZChallenge of blogging. A blogathon of sorts with 26 posts a month going up on the blog in an alphabetical order, one every day barring the weekends. It turned out to be a terrific experience for me. It was the first time I could see an increase in the number of visitors on my blog. I realized the value of regular blogging and the significance of numbers in the blogging world. Number of posts, number of visitors, number of likes, number of comments, number of followers… and then one number that I discovered to be of paramount importance: the Alexa rank of my blog!

Now, I had heard of Alexa before when my siblings spoke of how it was an integral part of their homes with the Amazon Echo. “Alexa, play this song of Ed Sheeran”, “Alexa, what’s the weather like today?”, “Alexa, what’s the time in Washington D.C. right now?” seemed to be an ongoing din in their homes. That’s when it struck me that there was indeed an Alexa  that was ruling over the visibility and popularity of my blog in the big wide web world. As soon as I heard of it, I quickly looked up this all-important number of my website. To tell you the truth, I was aghast.

9, 408,444!

Ouch! Never in my life have I ranked so low in any of my endeavours (ironically, higher the number, lower the ranking in this case).

How painful to know that all my writing is not reaching out to enough readers online. It’s time to make a conscious effort and take the initiative to pump up the numbers in all my blogging efforts. And there comes Blogchatter, the savior for us newbie bloggers, with it’s #MyFriendAlexa campaign. So here I have jumped on to this bandwagon right away – the season Two of My Friend Alexa this September. An interesting period for bloggers to write, read, share, comment and interact. Post September, I am anticipating seeing a better number in all numbers for this blog. And more importantly, I am eager to connect with a lot many who would value what I have to offer here.

I truly hope you are one of them and will stay connected.

[I am taking my Alexa Rank to the next level with #MyFriendAlexa and Blogchatter this September]


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26 thoughts on “The number of numbers in the blogging world

  1. I started with no rank at all. But more than the rank , this campaign has helped me get new ideas to write and give me a view of what all is happening and written about. The sharing of ideas and thoughts is mind blowing.

  2. If you pay too much attention to numbers then the fun in blogging is lost. Creativity of any form shouldn’t be dependent on them. Unless you want to position your blog from a business perspective, I say enjoy the process. 🙂

  3. Honestly, I don’t really understand this whole blogging and numbers and Alexa business. I have participated in three A to Z challenges, 2 Ultimate Blogger Challenges and now this Alexa stuff with Blogchatter. I am a member of Blogadda and Indiblogger and several blogging groups but don’t find any sufficient increase in either data, traffic or any such thing. I find that while the traffic may increase during a blogathon, it doesn’t necessarily meant it is sustainable.

  4. Blogging world is seeing so many new bloggers which kind of creates too much crowd. Therefore getting noticed is difficult. With good positioning of your blog and quality write up you can certainly get noticed. All the best!

  5. Indeed there’s a lot of numbers in the blogging world, though I don’t quite look at them very seriously either. 🙂 Congratulations on the big-time drop in your Alexa rank already!

  6. Well in a fortnight I see a huge drop in the rank you started with!:) Congratulations on that!
    Alexa is a lot of fun. It introduces new people to your blog, gets you into the habit of reading other blogs and you’re richer in knowledge.
    Have fun for the next fortnight!

    1. Thank you Mayuri. I’m already enjoying the attention Alexa has brought in, not to mention the huge drop in the rank. 🙂

  7. I know right? This year marks 5 years of my travel blog and I checked up Alexa to realise I was 18 million something! Twice your number might I add. But hope this helps… I am already seeing the numbers change .

    1. Congratulations on 5 years of your travel blog! Wow, that’s quite an achievement. Great to know that the numbers are changing for you. Your patience will pay off. Good Luck to you Kuheli and hoping to stay connected. Thanks for dropping in here.

    1. Awww, thank you so much Ishieta for your kind words. That’s very encouraging indeed. So glad to know you enjoy reading my blog. I too hope to connect with more readers in the forthcoming days.

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