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“Making things positive doesn’t mean a sunny outlook; it means making the choice to see problems as opportunities.” ~ Brahma Kumaris

I happened to chance upon the ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris’ TV show many years ago. B K Shivani had held my attention then. I was impressed that here was truly a learned spiritual influencer who could speak with good clarity and diction.

A few days later, a dear old school friend gifted me something unique for my Birthday -‘The Happiness Index’ DVD set by the Brahma Kumaris. Some serendipity!

Listening to B K Shivani was like applying a soothing balm to the wounded heart. So much truth being spoken in such simple language. She emanates immense wisdom for practically dealing with our daily challenges. Watching this series was my introduction to the Brahma Kumaris movement and more importantly, to meditation!

No one is responsible for my hurt, pain, fear or anger. It is my own creation in response to their behaviour, and I have another choice. The choice to be happy.

What followed was my interest in some of their ways of life – the Rajyoga meditation at the B K centre, understanding the theory behind the Prajapati Baba, the divinity of the Didis and listening to the daily ‘murli‘ (divine message of the day).

People come to explore their own spirituality irrespective of their cultural backgrounds. The Brahma Kumaris meditations help develop inner calm, clear thinking and personal well-being.

‘Practical Meditation’ is a concise book on the foundation course of Rajyoga Meditation that includes Self-Awareness, Controlling Thoughts, The Law of Karma, Supreme Soul and the Eight Powers. A simple introduction to the simple ways of life, each lesson concludes with a suggested meditation.

Watch a glimpse of the first episode of ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris: The Happiness Index’ with Sister Shivani:

Listen to a few samples of Rajyoga meditation music here:

Om Shanti!


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