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D – ‘Dialogue with Death’ by Eknath Easwaran #AtoZChallenge

D – ‘Dialogue with Death’ by Eknath Easwaran #AtoZChallenge

“We can find our centre of gravity within ourselves by simplifying and slowing down our lives.” ~Eknath Easwaran

When I saw this book on a friend’s list of recommended reading for personal growth, I said to myself ‘Talking to death already? Not so soon.’ To let the curious cat out of the bag, I bought it anyways. Only to discover later that this book was more about living than it was about dying.

If we have noticed a sport well -it is towards the last few minutes that the players are suddenly more energetic, playing their best foot forward and going all out. Reaching closer to a deadline creates a sense of urgency. Just the same way, it is the eventuality of death that makes us conscious about our existence. Who are we really? What are we here for? If we could live for an eternity, there would be no urgency in finding these answers. We would simply be living without ever having to worry about an end. It is indeed death that questions our very life!

Thinking about death is to be alert about having first lived well! Wake up and take a look at your life before you look at death. ‘Dialogue with Death’ will compel you to live before you die.

Key Highlights:

We begin to take life seriously when we take death seriously

‘Everything passes. You haven’t got much time.’

‘The human being needs meaning in order to live and meaning cannot come from events outside us. It can only come from within, from the way we see the world.”

“We are all involved through the web of karma.”

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