Insights from an empowering event for women

Insights from an empowering event for women

“I never dreamt of success. I worked for it.” ~Estee Lauder

Over the last many months, I have made it a conscious effort to attend several events related to professional growth and networking, in particular, women focused. Just two weeks back, I attended an exciting event for women entrepreneurs by Zone Startups India at the iconic building of the Bombay Stock Exchange. The event saw the launch of their accelerator program called ‘Empower’ for women entrepreneurs in India.

There is so much to gain from such gatherings that are abuzz with talent and experience galore. Lots of encouragement, knowledge, contacts, advice and many other intangible goodies to go home with. What matters is how much of it you absorb there, lingers with you long after the event. And I find the one way to ensure that the inspiration stays on and prompts action is to put down in writing the highlights of all the learning.

So here goes my take-away from half of the event I attended:

Our work reflects our state of mind The keynote by Ameera Shah, Managing Director of Metropolis Healthcare, was a heartfelt honest account of her entrepreneurial journey. Of how her self-belief was put to test in her struggling days. And when she was balanced in her mind, her company found balance too. The work we do is often the mirror image of our heart and mind.

Women have it harder than men Women entrepreneurs take time to earn respect and credibility. Often they are questioned about their commitment levels, which is not the case with their male colleagues. They have to go that extra mile to prove themselves and their capabilities.

Rural and urban women – There is no stopping women in pursuit of their dreams and goals, whether they come from rural areas or metro cities. As one of the panelists remarked that rural women are not as interested in advice or seminars like urban women take the effort to. They only want to know ways to earn and be self-reliant. Financial independence is an enormous driving force for all.

Communities help us grow – To be a part of a community or communities that you can relate to has many benefits. Communities are a great networking platform. They help widen our perspective to work and life as a whole. Attending their invigorating programs foster our professional and personal growth. Moreover, the sense of belonging is a huge source of moral support for women at all stages in life.

Support for women With the onset of the start-up phenomenon, the women now have numerous support platforms to launch their careers or companies. Government initiatives toward better funding schemes, enhanced network connectivity, innovation policies, etc. has encouraged many women-led ventures in India. Mentoring is a huge game changer too.

Women, its time to give wings to your dreams. Go for it!


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75 thoughts on “Insights from an empowering event for women

  1. Hi Vaishali! This is such an informative post. I have learnt so much from your tips already…I think its time to be part of an active professional networking community for women now. Thanks for sharing this wonderful info:) Cheers!

  2. It is always good to get out a bit and attend events such as this one. You’re right when you say they;re inspiring. One meets women who are doing so much with their lives. It propels you to make something of yours too. Loved your takeaways.

  3. Looks like a really interesting event on women empowerment. More power to us! Thank you for sharing the glimpse of the event.

  4. I always thought that motivation comes from within but, after attending one seminar and listening to others and their perspectives, i realized how there is so much more to learn. One person is enough to start a change but it takes a community to sustain those changes. Kudos to these ladies!

  5. Such events help us to take that step which we are holding on and giving a lot of thought to take. I myself went through that face and my attending many sessions i got the push i need. I would love to attend such event when it happens in hyderabad.

  6. It is always inspiring to hear such words coming from someone who herself has experienced such magical moments. I would love to attend events like this. And what you mentioned is truly motivating and uplifting.

  7. That does sound encouraging. I’d appreciate if you would tell me how exactly one comes to know of such events. I keep a track on certain sites like eventshigh, delhievents, etc. but somehow I always miss such events. 🙁

    1. I get to know of these events online, through Twitter or Facebook. Not all events are covered in the sites you have mentioned. It’s best to search for groups based on your interest and something will surely open up for you to follow. Good Luck and reach out anytime.

  8. Woman entrepreneurs need to prove themselves more than their male collegues. I agree to this. I have personally gained so much experience from blogging communities.

  9. I was the panelists at one of the events held by UBS and it was such a fantastic event. It was my first one on the podium as a speaker where I shared my journey as a working mom, a lady passionate about her career and I spoke about my blog where I often write about women at work. Personally I feel organisations are taking notice of the fact that women are not equally represented and doing their bit- the good news is that work has begun!

  10. Events like this help one gain confidence and provide the necessary support community to fall back on. Glad that you shared your experience. Women Empowerment really is finding its way through several crevices in this age.

  11. It warms my heart to know these types of programs are available for women. For too long, we were kept in the dark and not given the opportunities we now enjoy.
    Have you heard of the organization Kiva? It makes loans to low income rural women (and men and groups) with generous payback periods and interest. The minimum amount to loan out is $25 USD and it can be reloaned when collected. I think this is an amazing opportunity for women to learn business and make a living.
    All the best luck in your future conferences. It’s important to network and forge friendships.

    1. I haven’t heard of Kiva, will look it up. So nice to hear of their initiative. Women empowerment is finally getting its due attention and support. Thank you Cheryl for dropping by, always nice to hear from you. 🙂

  12. Events are a wonderful ways to gain insights and network and I am glad that you attended one such inspiring event and shared the learnings. The keynote address was spot in many ways for me who is having plenty of ups and downs in life and being in a balanced state of mind helps a lot.

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