Reflections on my first #AtoZChallenge 2017

Reflections on my first #AtoZChallenge 2017


Challenges excite me. Perhaps one of the reasons why I accepted my first #AtoZChallenge of Blogging, April 2017. The thought of doing 26 posts in the month seemed arduous and time consuming, what with a busy month ahead. But I chose to think of the positives on the other side of completion. And surely, it did turn out to be some experience. Takeaways from the challenge:

Time Management

The #AtoZChallenge served as a lesson in my time management skills. When something’s got to be done no matter what, it always gets done. Sure, it requires planning and scheduling and setting deadlines. Like all important and urgent tasks do. Writing a few blog posts before their posting date was a big time saver. (Something I got to remind the procrastinator in me about not waiting until the last minute to complete stuff). It also enabled me to discover so many wonderful blogs, read and comment on them and share the posts I had liked.

Talent galore

Versatility was a striking feature of this challenge. A plethora of themes was available for readers with all kind of interests. Shailaja churned out suspenseful flash fiction pieces with oxymorons; Modern Gypsy  expressed the beauty of art journaling, rekindling the artist in me; Destiny’s Child demonstrated 26 yogasanas with stunning flexibility; IsheeriasHealingCircle impressed upon the holistic aspects of living. How heart-warming it was to read another blog on divorce in India -there was an instant connection with Kalpanaa as I could relate to what she had to say. Then there were so many travel tales with gorgeous photographs. So also lots of new recipes being dished out for different tastebuds. It indeed is a blogosphere with oodles of talent.

Blogging camaraderie

Being a newbie blogger, I enjoyed the attention my blog received amongst several other accomplished blogs. I was noticed. I felt heard. Isn’t that such a basic human need – to be seen and heard? So it is in the online world as well! It was encouraging to read the comments from talented bloggers, conveying appreciation and encouragement. The blogging camaraderie kept me going.


The stories in our life form a big part of who we are and is the basis of all our expressions. The challenge helped me identify with bloggers I would definitely like to follow and stay in touch with. These connections made online seemed as significant and special as our friendships and associations in real life.


Personally for me, doing the challenge meant revisiting and reiterating all the experiences that touched my life. By writing about my spiritual growth influences helped me reconnect with them. It was a pleasant reminder of how I have evolved along the years along with life’s many other challenges!

I feel great to have completed the #AtoZChallenge and am thankful to it’s organisers and promoters.





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  1. Many many congratulations on completing the A to Z for the first time! Your posts were lovely to read and I am grateful to have found you and your blog through the A to Z. Thank you so much for the kind words about me and my blog. We are nothing without our readers. 🙂

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